how hydroflying works
By Brandon

How to Flyboard with Master Trainer Brandon Robinson

Learn How to flyboard

Learning how to flyboard is one of the most fun “lessons” you will ever have on the water. If you have the top gear and top instructor, your’ll be flyboarding in no time. The following is a brief run down of how to flyboard and how flyboarding works. This is not a replacement for actual instruction, but a primmer to get you ready for fun and excitement when you come and flyboard with us!

how to flyboard

The Right Flyboard Equipment

It’s super easy to know how to flyboard when you have the right equipment and the right instructor. Let’s start off with the equipment first. We use the X-Board by Flydive, the U.S. based builder and one of our close associates in this industry. The X-Board has advantages over all other flyboards in that:

  • Jets are directly under foot for better stability.
  • Jets are independent for better maneuverability.
  • Lighter “all up” weight.

After years of hydroflying, we understand the pros and cons of each system and we settled on the X-Board for easiest to get up on and our success with our students shows that this is indeed the case.

The Right Flyboard Instructor.

To learn how to flyboard you must have a great instructor. Brandon Robinson is the original master trainer and has trained most of the instructors in this area. He started with the flyboard in 2012 and has instructed hundreds of people and only had one person fail to get up. Brandon is the perfect example of a happy guy that loves what he does. His enthusiasm is infectious and his patience will help even the most nervous get up in the air and have a blast.

How to Flyboard

OK, ready to take off above the water and fly with the power of a hydro jet stream? After getting booted up into the flyboard, you will swim out a few yards. Once clear of the beach you will get a bit of thrust from Brandon who is connected to you via a long fire hose. The hose is the same kind that fire fighters use. Brandon pulls his throttle on his jetski. You’ll be on your belly with your head up and begin to move through the water. You are actually pulling the jetski along because you are connected!

When you’re away from the shore, Brandon will coach you as to how to arch your back as he throttles up. This will bring the flyboard underneath you as the thrust increases.  When you and Brandon feel the time is right, the thrust is increased and you come out of the water and begin to fly!

With a bit more instruction from Brandon and a few attempts, you’ll be high above the waves – 30′ feels like 60′ – it’s amazing!

Tricks and advanced moves are something you and Brandon can work on during your flight time. Come and join us and learn hot to flyboard from one of the best in the industry.

jetsurf rentals delray beach
By Brandon

Jetsurf Rentals Delray Beach? Come On!

Jetsurf Rentals Delray Beach? You Bet! Fun Watersports is the place to head for an amazing day on the water. Now with Jetsurf rentals, Delray Beach is quickly  becoming the destination for adrenalin junkies and adventure sports enthusiasts.

Jetsurf Rentals

Jetsurf, or Jet Surf, rentals are making waves because the technology has been hard to come by. With limited supply and a hefty sale price, jetsurfing has been a rarity. Now, Fun Watersports makes it affordable and easy to learn with expert instructions with the #1 hydrosport instructor in the US, Brandon Robinson.

Delray Beach

In Delray Beach you can find us on the secluded fresh waters of Lake Ida and other fresh water location. We love the clear clean waters of inland lakes for training and rentals for the comfort of our clients.

Flyboard in Delray Beach
By Brandon

Looking to Flyboard in Delray Beach?

Looking to to try the Flyboard in Delray Beach? Fun Watersports in Delray Beach is the place to go if you want to experience the thrills and excitement of hydroflight. Formerly Hydroflying Watersports, we put the FUN in hydroflight with our added collection of amazing craft.

What to Fly

To Flyboard in Delray Beach, look no further than the XBoard by Flydive. Deemed the easiest to fly flyboard in the hydroflight industry, the Xboard by Flydive will have you flying in no time. The XBoard has shorter nozzles that are closer together for un paralleled maneuverability.

Who to Fly With

If you want to  Flyboard in Delray Beach then you need to fly with Brandon Robinson. Brandon is considered by most to be a master instructor. He has been the face of hydroflight since 2012. Brandon was the first person to start an instructor school in the U.S. and he developed the instructor and safety programs that are now used across the hydroflight industry.

When to Flyboard in Delray Beach

Come Flyboard in Delray Beach with Brandon and the Fun Watersports team! The best time is right now when the sun is up and the temperature is perfect. Call or book now for the most exciting time you have ever ha on the water!

Fun Watersports Delray Beach
By Brandon

Hydroflying Watersports is now FUN Watersports Delray Beach

More Gear!

With the expansion into Jetsurf, Jetovator and CraigCat, Hydroflying Watersports is now Fun Watersports Delray Beach. Fun Watersports offers the same professionalism that has won it 5 star ratings across the board. Our new company also offers the same customer service that has made Brandon Richardson one of the top flyboard instructor for over 5 years. We have top of the line gear from Flydive and Jetovator and Jetsurf. As a result, we offer the easiest to maneuver water-jet attractions around.

Join Us!

Fun Watersports Delray Beach, Florida and operating in fresh-water environments. We are now taking bookings for rentals and lessons. Get taught by the the guy who wrote the book on Hydroflying in the US, Brandon Robinson.