We get a lot of requests for our Flyboard Video staring Brandon Robinson and filmed by Devon Super Tramp. This was shot in Hawaii and has a cast of, well a few dozen! 

Brandon is in the red trunks in this video on a Flyboard. 

Interesting Flyboard Video Fact:

While filming this flyboard video, Brandon was doing a series of "dolphin jumps" (diving into the water, coming up and diving again). On the last series of shots for the day, Brandon was diving and hit some coral reef and got messed up quite badly. He recovered just fine and the experience helped him to do a site survey himself each and every location, and not rely on local lore.

So here is the video that put hydroflight on the map:


Here are some scree grabs of Brandon in action in the flyboard video:


It's fun to watch where it all started! While these guys make it look easy, it is quite easy to learn and start flying. Brandin uses the Flydive X-Board for its stability and maneuverability. 

To book a flight with Brandon you can click here or call us at 561-220-0805.