jetsurf rentals delray beach

Jetsurf Rentals Delray Beach? Come On!

Jetsurf Rentals Delray Beach? You Bet! Fun Watersports is the place to head for an amazing day on the water. Now with Jetsurf rentals, Delray Beach is quickly  becoming the destination for adrenalin junkies and adventure sports enthusiasts.

Jetsurf Rentals

Jetsurf, or Jet Surf, rentals are making waves because the technology has been hard to come by. With limited supply and a hefty sale price, jetsurfing has been a rarity. Now, Fun Watersports makes it affordable and easy to learn with expert instructions with the #1 hydrosport instructor in the US, Brandon Robinson.

Delray Beach

In Delray Beach you can find us on the secluded fresh waters of Lake Ida and other fresh water location. We love the clear clean waters of inland lakes for training and rentals for the comfort of our clients.

By Brandon Delray Beach Jetsurf