Get certified as a Hydroflight instructor. Brandon Robinson has trained over 100 Hydroflight instructors and is ready to take you to the next level.


Learn how to do flips, twists, dolphins and more with advanced Hydroflight training with Brandon Richardson.



Hydroflight is the most exciting thing you can do on the water. Our Instructor Certification and Advanced Training classes are led by the guy who brought Hydroflight to the US. Fill out an application to get started.


Instructor Certification and Advanced training both depend on your current level of expertise and your ultimate goals. Please fill out an application for to get started.
All certifications and advanced training is done by Brandon Richardson. Brandon has over 5 years and was trained by legendary Flyboard designer Franky Zapata. Brandon has trained over 100 Hydroflight instructors.
If you are just starting out, we recommend looking at our Hydroflight lessons and booking a session. Discount packages are available for multiple lessons.

Watch Brandon Fly (Red Trunks)